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WVCU “The Cure”

WVCU, Concord University Radio, is a student-operated radio station located in newly remodeled facilities in the Rahall Technology Center on “The Campus Beautiful”.

WVCU is staffed, programmed, and operated by Concord University students so listeners are treated to a diverse yet fresh blend of music, news, public affairs, and sports.

Becoming a DJ for WVCU

In order to become part of the WVCU staff, students must be enrolled in a section of CART 210.  Weekly meetings will be held to help students understand the legal, technical, and stylistic requirements of becoming a WVCU DJ. 

After spending some time sitting in with an instructor or an experienced DJ until they fully understand station rules, equipment, and FCC policies, students will be eligible for their own DJ shift where they will given the opportunity to express their creativity and produce their own show in WVCU’s state-of-the-art radio station.

Being a member of the WVCU staff provides invaluable experience for students and allows them the chance to work in a professional radio station environment. 


WVCU Broadcasts

WVCU student productions are streamed online here (LISTEN LIVE) in addition to being simulcasted through both audio and video on campus channel 17.  


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